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About Us


Unleash the Inner U, is about Freeing Oneself. 

Most of us don’t have major issues, but at many times, we feel as if we are not able to move forward in certain aspects of our life. 

Maybe we procrastinate and aren’t able to get things done in a timely and efficient manner. Maybe we start a project but aren’t able to complete it.


It’s possible there’s something in our brain’s neuro-wiring that’s preventing us from completing our goals. Maybe we’ve formed a belief, somewhere, in our early years, that we don’t deserve what we want. And that belief, embedded in our subconscious, still operates through us. We try to push for something we want, but something in ourselves, stops us from moving forward. It’s like a bee hitting a glass window; trying to get out but it can’t.


But we can get rid of such negative beliefs. Thru the sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Unleash the Inner U, under guidance of trained practitioners, can help release that negative belief, forever. 


Here, procrastination, can be rid. Because we can reframe, change the meaning of that negative belief from our past, into what we want now: to be able to complete our projects, in a timely and efficient manner, with enthusiasm, and quality output, we can transform that old pattern at the subconscious level and re-program a new pattern. 


Many issues that disempower us, can be transformed into empowering ourselves.  We can free ourselves from our old habits at the subconscious level, the most effective way to make a lasting permanent change. From our own realization of an issue to the transformation of ourselves.


Unleash the Inner U, from Realization to Transformation.


And Unleash Yourself to your True and Amazing Potential.

About Rachna K


A graduate from Johns Hopkins University, in Biomedical Engineering, Rachna is grounded in scientific processes and systems. She is a certified mental health practitioner and therapist of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), and a certified hypnotist (CHt).


Rachna has been very successful at RTT and helped many of her clients, and friends, with complete breakthroughs from existing issues. Understanding a person’s emotions, and having a natural insight into which emotional path to focus on, her RTT sessions have proved to be life-changing. 


Rachna has been a regular meditator with the Isha Foundation since 2005, and completed courses, right from Inner Engineering to Samyama. This has given her immense knowledge and practice of Yogic principles.


Her exposure to the Oneness University, from 2014, gave her insights into neuroscience processes, and neuro-linguistics programming (NLP), and helped her develop an awareness of the mind. She regularly practices observation of the mind.


Rachna’s affiliation with several NGOs, continuously instills in her the foundations of being well grounded while aspiring to serve others.


Rachna has also been part of the corporate world and spearheaded her family’s business in paper stationery products, She successfully designed, marketed, sold, manufactured, and distributed paper stationery products across a wide US retail base. She and her team serviced many major US retailers with recycled paper products.


Rachna’s understanding of human behavior, conditioned patterns of childhood, cross-cultural issues, parenting and women's issues, and mild-mannered nature, enables her to be empathetic and direct the emotional issues towards healing, making each therapy session a realization that leads to steady transformation. 

Unleash the Inner U believes that the Journey to Free Oneself is empowered when communities together have similar goals. We support our communities that help like-minded people grow. And those who are not like-minded, we’d like to learn and grow with them also.


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