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Client Testimonials

What Clients Say

"When Rachna helped me discover myself, sure, it was about completing the College Admissions Essays. But in reality, what I learned about myself with her, helped me understand myself, not only for the college admissions process, but helped me in life. She helped me uncover that I was someone who questioned everything. That gave me tremendous confidence in myself. And now, it’s been over 6 years, and I’m still someone who questions til I get to the root of answer. It’s a real boon in my workplace and my career. I really thank her for helping me discover myself."
 - Student, University of Chicago, ED
"I knew there was something missing in my essays. But I couldn’t figure out what. Rachna really helped me get to another level of thinking deeper about what I really wanted out of the class I was addressing in my ‘Why Columbia’ essay. She helped me discover that it was my own yearning to find connection with my own origins. "
- Student, Columbia University, ED
"Aunt Rachna is a family friend and when she looked at my Wharton essay, she advised that while I’m a good writer, I still need to show a deeper level of insight, which didn’t come thru. I didn’t take her advice and still wonder, if I had, would I have told a better story about myself and maybe gotten into Wharton?"
- Student, University of Southern California, RD
"My son and I were at continuous loggerheads about the early essays. Rachna was recommended to us. Thank god we found her in time. She really helped my son get to an integral level. She made him feel comfortable; he opened up to her. She asked relevant questions and helped him re-write his essays that really showed why he was such a fit for the business schools. He was really a ‘creator of value’. We couldn’t see that. She not only saw that, but helped him communicate that in his essays."
- Parent, Ohio University, RD
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