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Expert Guidance for Writing College Admissions Essays

Our Fundamentals

Many times we go about life not knowing who we are, or what we want. 


The college application process initiates us into having to take a meaningful look at those questions and determine a better sense of self. The culmination of this exercise has a direct strategic outcome - filling out our application, and writing our college essays. 


This process can be adventurous. We may start at a top level, what we like to do, and what we don’t like to do. How we relate to different kinds of people. And then dig deeper: What do we really value and why? What may be the few things that define us, something that is our core? 


As we ask those important questions , we also realize we may not be who we think we are.


A 17-year-old we worked with: ‘I’ve been playing piano for over 7 years. But actually, I’m not really into it. I like it, had a few good teachers, but it doesn’t excite me. My parents and I have invested so much in my learning the piano, would it be wrong if I gave it up now? Maybe I should just continue because I’m so familiar with it.’ 


We may be afraid to break down who we are. Self-doubt may creep in. We may not be willing to disappoint ourselves or someone else. 


In our process, we work with you to help you to be truthful, be honest with yourself. We support you, counsel you, and help you bring clarity to yourself. And in that authenticity, we help you truly understand yourself better. To write college essays, but really for life at large. When you have the tools to be honest with yourself, they support you for the rest of your life.


The 17-year-old: ‘Now that I accept I don’t really like piano even though I’ve been playing it for 7 years. I can also accept that I really enjoy cooking. I love creating my own recipes, baking, being in the kitchen.' 


Once we have clarity on who we are and accept ourselves, then we can focus on how we want to stand out authentically. 


This 17-year-old, a Computer Science major, brought his passion for cooking into his essays, created Instagram videos, and found a correlation between the art of cooking and the art of computer science. He was able to tell his authentic, relevant story with passion. 


‘Every time I begin a new recipe, I first envision, how the ingredients , in their measurement, would form the taste. Would the cinnamon add a mildness to the salted cauliflower? Just one twist of lemon for that slight tanginess. Too much would drown the cinnamon. 


Adding five rows of code for the rainbow color change in the background would slow down player 1 to get to the next step. Two rows would be engaging enough.


With cooking, I honed in on the art of detail, and the immediate, measurable effect it has on the final masterpiece. Writing code for my program works the same way, I learned how to create the subtle effect I was looking for.'


Being authentic takes courage, one may have to defy the existing mind, the existing authority, and our process helps the student move to a deeper level. 

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