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Getting Started

Does an RTT session work well online?

The most important of an RTT session is to be able to hear each other and listen to each other. 


It’s a partnership between the client and the therapist, that requires the therapist to understand and interpret the meaning of the visuals that come into the client's brilliant mind. It requires the client to listen to the suggestions made by the therapist, and allow oneself to be connected to one’s emotions.


As most therapists avoid touching clients, online sessions work very effectively. The client’s eyes are closed during the session and doesn’t need to see the therapist, only hear their voice. 


Many clients prefer online sessions, as it gives them the comfort of doing a session in the privacy of their own home or any private space of their preference. They feel comfortable not having to travel to another location, and can be in any timezone in the world. 


Online sessions can be given via Zoom, WhatsApp video, or even Facetime.

How do I begin and what is the process like?

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  1. First, please schedule a Discovery call using the Book Now tab on the website from the Menu.  This is a Free call for about 20 minutes with a therapist, can be done on the phone, on Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime.

  2. Once you’ve scheduled a Discovery call, on the email id you’ve indicated, you will be sent an email from Unleash the Inner U, guiding you to the next steps. This will include an Intake form that you will need to complete prior to the Discovery call that the RTT therapist will discuss with you. This will help you to narrow down on what you would like to work on and have the Therapist ready to understand.  

  3. The therapist will call you on the number you’ve provided, or share a link to connect to Zoom at the time you have scheduled. Please be ready to expect a call or connect to Zoom at that time. 

  4. The Discovery call will discuss the details of the Intake form to understand you and the issues at hand better.  The Discovery call gives both, the client and the therapist, to get to know each other, and develop comfort on working together.

  5. After the Discovery call, you can go back to the website,, and go to ‘Book Now', to book your RTT session, schedule the time of the first session and make payment.

  6. To prepare for the scheduled session, 

    • Please identify a quiet and comfortable space where you can conduct an online session. You could be seated, or perched up on your bed, with comfy pillows around you

    • Please let others know not to disturb you for those 2 hours. Please turn the ringers off the phone. etc.

    • Please make sure you have a good internet connection. Modems, laptops or computers are plugged in.

    • And you can clearly hear the therapist’s voice

    • The therapist will call, Zoom you with the link provided at the appointed time

    • You may want to have some tissues nearby just in case the eyes get teary or the nose runs. 

  7. After the session, you and the therapist will have a chance to talk about the session.

  8. The therapist will send you a Transformation audio recording to be listened to for 21 days and a note on what to do after an RTT session

  9. Before ending this session, together, you and the therapist should decide the date and time for the next session. Depending on how you feel, the next session can be scheduled within a few days to within a week’s time. In our experience, weekly sessions are effective. 

  10. Unleash the Inner U, will send you an email, confirming the next RTT session details.

  11. We look forward to resolving the specific issue, and helping Unleash the very best of your Inner U.

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