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Expert Guidance for Writing College Admissions Essays

We Mentor You to Tell Your Authentic and Relevant Story

Unleash the Inner U, based in New York City, New York, USA, has a unique program for writing College Admissions Essays.

This program is specially designed to first help the student understand themselves. Once we know who we are at a deeper level, then we can tell our story better; the story that should be told; the story that’s authentic and relevant, and showcases the student’s ability to add value.

How do we start?

Every year, college essay prompts are usually released in July/August for the upcoming application year. Students are finalized for this program between January - April. We start working together in May/June.

Prior to this time, students are occupied with taking tests for colleges (SAT/ACT/SAT2/AP/etc), school, grades and regular extracurriculars. Starting summer vacation, they have the time to focus on discovering themselves, finalizing their college lists, and writing, writing, writing ….


The Process
We’d love to hear from you. If this program is interesting to you, please send us an email at and we will ask you to complete a profile page, so we can understand you better, and then set up an initial Discovery call.

Discovery calls are usually made from Jan - July, about half an hour, for both parties involved to see if they would like to move forward. Early commitment is important as a limited number of students are onboard this program every year.

Once both parties have committed, we start sharing the documentation work with guidelines for completion, and schedule of upcoming calls.

We email questionnaires, values, experiences, profiles, etc, for the student to answer (parents may assist the student in discovering him/herself). As these are completed and emailed back, we review and set up the first call (usually via Zoom), about 1 hour with the student, and parent, if they’d like to participate. Subsequent calls are encouraged only with the student. Mentoring the student in truthful self-discovery is essential. Only then, the student can provide deep insights about her/himself in the college essays. Understanding that depth is fundamental to be able to present it.

Subsequently, we review the colleges selected, begin preparing a resume, key aspects of the student, and Common Application ( or other application platform) preparation with the Personal Statement.
Once specific college essay prompts are available, we dive into brainstorming and possible ways to answer the prompts. Discuss techniques, identify experiences, and begin to write 1st drafts. Then we Finalize the Personal statement, finalize supplemental essays. Target at least 2 weeks before the submission deadline. 


We offer 3 different programs based on the services you may need: 
My Authentic Self Quest - fully immersive - begins in June (early commitment required)
My Real Expression - begins in July/August 
Crafting Me - begins in Sept/October

Book your Discovery Call today

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