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Why 5 sessions?

Every session is meaningful. With each session, the mind gets primed into focusing on finding the root cause of the specific issue.

For example, if we wanted to work on weight loss, then in the first session, the mind will start opening up to some possible memories or scenes that have to do where this issue came from, and some realizations and transformations may happen. It’s like peeling the layers of the onion.


In our experience, as the mind is primed to find the root cause of the issue, it takes sometimes til the 3rd - 4th session to get to unravel meaningful memories. After a major breakthrough, there may be some issues left to be looked at to make this a lasting transformation.

For example, if someone had cancer, would chemotherapy work in only 1 session? Anyone taking only 1 session of chemotherapy would say it doesn’t work. A person would need between 3-8 sessions or more for it to work.

That’s why we prefer to allocate 5 sessions at a time.​

In our experience, 5 sessions ( about 2 hours per session) have proven to be the optimal and most beneficial way to substantiate breakthroughs, have everyone committed to the process by allocating the time and resources, and most importantly, heal the issue for a lasting transformation.

Our pricing plan

  • 5 Sessions of RTT

    Best value
    Valid for 6 months
    • Rapid Transformational Therapy

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions here for our refund and cancellation policy. 

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