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Our Process

What We Do

Unleash the Inner U, based in New York City, New York, USA, has a unique program for Writing College Admisssions Essays. Our counselors are grounded in psychology and have a process to help our students get to their core and help them accept ourselves. With authentic relevant information, we help mentor the students to craft genuine, relevant essays for the colleges.

Our Process
How do we start?​

Every year, college essay prompts are usually released in July/August for the upcoming application year. Students are finalized for the extended program, 'My Authentic Real Self', between January - June. We start working together in May/June until the college application deadlines.

For the program, 'My Real Expression', we begin once the college supplemental prompts are released in July/August.

For 'Crafting Me', we begin with students in September/October.


Prior to this time, students are primarily occupied with taking tests for colleges, school, grades, and extracurriculars. Starting summer vacation, they have the time to focus on discovering themselves, finalizing their college lists, and writing essays, and writing more essays... 

Some aspects of our Process include:

*Some aspects of the process are only included in specific packages. Please visit details of each package to understand the components and timing of each package.


Questionnares for Students

Multiple questionairres for students to discover themselves - important values, experiences, traits, emotions explored. Variety of questions on what to possibly write a personal statement on. Help the student understand their core values.


TAPP - The Anayah Personality Profile

  • Algorithm-led tests to help determine strengths, weaknesses, and possible career paths-

  • An initial consultation session with our TAPP expert

TAPP has developed an algorithm-based tool to understand one’s strengths, weaknesses, and possible career paths. The TAPP questionnaire is a useful tool to understand what can be immediately worked upon to achieve the desired outcome.


Questionnaires for Parents/Caretakers

Parents/Caretakers are usually the student's main support system. They are also usually invested in the college admissions process. Parents/Caretakers also fundamentally know the student, in some aspects, better than the student understands him/herself. The questionairre is to help understand the student better from the Parent/Caretaker's viewpoint.


Ceekr - Understanding our Choice Making Mind

  • AI-led tests to help determine how our mind makes choices, and what to do to make it better

  • An initial consultation session with our Ceekr expert

Ceekr has developed AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms that help us determine our how we make decisions. This is called the Choice Making Mind (CMM). By answering about 15 questions on our sleeping, eating, exercise and time management habits, we can gain clarity on how our mind is helping us make choices. Fundamentally, it helps us understand how our energy and attention impact our life. Included are a set of protocols for attention management helping students overcome their challenges. 

Other Key Aspects

  • NLP audio recordings help prime the mind into authenticity, confidence in oneself, doing well on exams, writing meaningful essays

  • Exercises to consistently empower ourselves to explore ourselves, embrace all of who we are - our vulnerabilities, and use to them to strengthen ourselves.

  • Preparation of draftand final Resume - discuss relevant stories from resume building into the essays

  • Convert these stories about ourselves into deep meaningful, well-written essays, that are relevant to the university’s prompts

  • Explore Video Essay development - especially to showcase a special talent or thought process

  • Mock Admissions Committee with Completed Common App - review with parents/caretakers and student completed Common Applications (name held confidential) to choose who they would admit

  • Brainstorming on what aspects of students to write about to convey an authentic, relevant story about themselves, that adds value

  • Writing, re-writing, thinking, re-thinking, writing again - within deadlines to ensure all our essays - Common App and Supplemental - convey the story we want to tell

We'd love to hear from you.

If this program is interesting for you, Please send us an email at or Set up a Free Discovery Call, to understand each other better. Discovery calls are about half an hour long, for both parties to see if they would like to move forward. Early commitment is important as a limited number of students are onboard this program every year.

Once both parties have committed, we start sharing the documentation work with guidelines for completion, schedule of upcoming calls.

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