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'Let's not Ruin the Garden by Thinking about the Thorns'


          The MIND responds to 2 things:
           1 - The WORDS you say to yourself
           2 - The PICTURES you create in your head 

                                                                 Marisa Peer    

The words we say have a tremendous effect on ourselves and on others.


If we say to ourselves, ‘I’m stuck, I can’t get out of this,’ then our mind believes it and keeps us stuck. One of the mind’s jobs is to do what we tell it,  Our job is to tell the mind what we want, NOT what we don’t want.

(A little secret: The mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is actually happening, or that you are visualizing something as happening. It makes sense to visualize and add emotion to the Pictures we want to happen.)


Some of the things we might want to regularly tell the mind, slowly, quietly, lovingly, with the emotional conviction that it’s happening right now, and see it in your mind as happening (see below):


Image by Jackson David

"You can change, evolve and be all that you were destined to be."

Krishna by Chandrika

‘Health is the truth of my being.’

-Dr Joseph Murphy

‘I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy’

-Dr Joseph Murphy

‘Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.’

-Jose Silva

'I Trust My Faith, Not My Fears'


Image by Sara Kurfeß



‘Money is forever flowing freely and there is always a wonderful surplus.’

-Dr Joseph Murphy

'Infinite Intelligence governs and watches over all my financial transactions, and whatsoever I do, shall prosper.'

-Dr Joseph Murphy

‘Trust the perfection which resides within you’

-Louise Hay

‘Remember, the universe loves you and wants you to succeed at everything you do.’

-Louise Hay

'We don’t want to run from the negative, we want to acknowledge it, but not give it power. If a negative affirmation comes up, we say ‘thank you for sharing’. … and turn it around into a positive affirmation.'

-Louise Hay

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Client Testimonials


 I firmly believe that nothing happens in our life by accident, the universe connects each dot and weaves it in a thread to form our unique story. And something similar happened to me when I met Rachna.


In my first session,  I felt as if an incomplete story was brought to the surface, even though I had so many questions in my heart; I felt an inner calm. A new felt joy was found within the layers of my soul. It truly felt as if the process of rebirthing has begun.


The second session was completely a “Game Changer”. During the first one, what I have seen and felt was only the beginning of something I was completely unaware of. It was truly as if I am watching a movie of my own soul’s journey. How everything was perfectly interconnected. It was during this session that I felt as if the balance in my soul is being restored.


 My third session was where I finally could understand the deeper meaning of the void I feel in my life and the reason for my incomplete projects. I must say that the revelation stirred my soul to the core. It was completely magical and Divine. I saw my journey entering its completion phase. It was homecoming.  The more you visit the places and memories where you are still hurting, the more you end up releasing the associated trauma.


The magical affirmations recording Rachna had given me were the complete medicine to heal your wounded soul. Her affirmations that she customizes as per our concerns are just life-changing.  I kept listening to them everyday and whenever I felt low. That’s the magical power of her customised word spells 


In totality, my experience with Rachna was a mirror to Divine's intervention.


I am so blessed to have undergone this with her and have changed my life forever.

Cheryl Rodgers

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