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My Authentic Self Quest

Brief Summary 

Enrollment Period: January to June (limited seats available)

Initial Steps

  • For Parents

  • For Students

Schedule Calendar:

  • Meeting times & document due dates

Assessments and Counseling

TAPP Questionnaire:

  • 2 sessions with TAPP counselor

Ceekr Questionnaire:
2 sessions with Ceekr counselor

Resume and Self-Discovery
Resume Preparation:

  • Start drafting resume

Questionnaire Review:

  • Review important values, experiences, traits, emotions, events

  • Mentor into key self-discovery

  • NLP recordings for reprogramming subconscious mind for success

Essay Development
Common App Personal Statement:

  • Start defining ideas

College List and Deadlines:

  • Review finalized list and deadlines (ED1, ED2, EA, REA, RD)

Video Essay Development:

  • Review and develop a video essay

Mock Admissions Committee:

  • Conduct mock review

College Supplemental Essay Prompts (July/August)
Essay Writing:

  • Identify different writing styles and how to integrate

  • Draft initial versions of various essays

  • Finalize overall essay content with the rest of the application

  • Ensure the story conveyed is cohesive and compelling

  • Finalize all essays for ED1, EA, and REA at least 2 weeks before the deadlines

  • Final Review and Completion

Review and Finalize:

  • ED2 essays

  • RD essays

  • Complete all essays by December (before the holidays)

Package Scope
Colleges Included: Up to 10 colleges for essay writing
Zoom Sessions:

  • Total of 40 sessions (1 hour each), initially 2-3 sessions per week, including TAPP & Ceekr sessions

  • Additional 12 hours of counselor internal time

Investment - $9600

Commitment Fee - $3000 to initiate Phase 1

Detailed breakdown of the phases below. 

To sign up for this plan please book a call here.

Please remember that the commitment fee is due upon completing the registration document to initiate Phase 1. Full payment must be made before the start of Phase 2.

Phase 1: Self-Discovery and Preparation 
Timeline: Begins in Jan/Feb/Apr/May
Initial Steps:
  • Welcome video call with parents and student

  • Parent and student questionnaires

  • Calendar of Schedule: meeting times and documents due
TAPP (The Anayah Personality Profile):
  • Take TAPP questionnaire
  • Schedule a call for TAPP understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and career paths - with a counselor
  • 2 sessions with TAPP counselor (initial session and a follow-up in late September/early October)
Ceekr (Choice Making Mind):
  • Take Ceekr AI questionnaire

  • Schedule a call for Ceekr AI Choice Making Mind - with a counselor 
  • 2 sessions with Ceekr counselor (initial session and a follow-up in late September/early October)

Resume and Questionnaire Review:
  • Start drafting resume
  • Review TAPP & Ceekr questionnaire answers (2 weeks for detailed responses)
with student and parents
  • Video calls to discuss student's inherent strengths

  • Begin brainstorming ideas for Common App Personal Statement

  • Individualized NLP recordings for subconscious mind reprogramming

Additional Preparation:
  • Introduction to writing authentic, relevant college essays

  • Sample essays provided

  • Preparation tips for the "Why Us?" college essay

  • Information on preparing a video essay for special talents or stories

  • Tentative schedule setup for future sessions (1-hour video calls)

Phase 2: Comprehensive Essay and Application Development
Timeline: Begins in Jan/Feb/Apr/May
Initial Steps:
  • Review Finalized College List:

  • Identify top 10 colleges for essay writing

  • Schedule Mock Admissions Committee session with parents and student

Begin Writing:

  • Start writing the Personal Statement

  • Finalize resume

  • Aim to complete the Personal Statement before the release of College Supplemental Essay Prompts

College Supplemental Essay Prompts (July/Early August) 


  • Brainstorm ideas for Supplemental Essay Prompts

  • Start writing supplemental essays

  • Clarify application submission deadlines for each finalized college

Finalization and Submission (September/Early October)

Complete Essays:

  • Finish all essays, aiming to complete final drafts at least 2 weeks before ED1/EA/REA deadlines

  • Finalize submission of all early applications with essays

Post-Submission Review and Additional Applications:

November Break:

  • Take a break for 2 weeks starting November 1st

  • Review and adapt essays for ED2/RD (regular decision) applications

  • Review deadlines for RD applications

  • Set up schedule for final review and submission

  • Complete all ED2/RD essays at least 2 weeks before their respective deadlines

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