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Image by K. Mitch Hodge

Crafting Me

Brief Summary 

Enrollment Period: September to October (usual deadline of November 1 for ED1/EA/REA applications)

Initial Steps

Schedule Calendar:

  • Meeting times & document due dates

Student Preparation:

  • Provide a completed existing resume

  • Provide existing written essays

Essay  Finalization
Content Review:

  • Ensure the package conveys the story that needs to be told

  • Finalize all essays for ED1, EA, REA at least 2 weeks before deadlines

  • Aim to have at least 6 weeks before application deadlines for meaningful changes to essays

Package Scope
Colleges Included: Up to 4 colleges for essay writing
Zoom Sessions:

  • Total of 8 sessions (1 hour each)

  • Additional 4 hours of counselor internal time

Investment - $2400

To sign up for this plan please book a call here.

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